1. The Wall, Public Art Installation - Paphos, 2018

    2018-06-14 08:48:00 UTC
    A recent open call organised by the Cyprus Photographic society has posted the results of 30 selections made by the board and two out of four images submitted by me have been selected. The theme was based on Urban and Street photo’s and amongst other photographers my work will be…

  2. The subject within the landscape

    2017-04-10 16:28:00 UTC
    I am always comfortable with my photography, but never comfortable with getting close to my subject. I have seen this through out my university work and I still see it today. The method of not being seen by my subject works an advantage towards my work and I have established…

  3. Occupied 74 Exhibition at the Menier Gallery London

    2016-06-07 15:04:00 UTC
    The production of Occupied 74 is now completed. The work was exhibited at the Menier gallery between the first and fourth of June. The outcome of this project was always aimed at the gallery space and having completed this long term project it has been a privilege to exhibit the…

  4. Family Photographs & Hands

    2016-05-15 20:56:00 UTC
    Since completing the project ‘Back Home’, I have since then felt the urge to photograph some of my grandparents daily activities. Now this is probably a normal routine that everyone usually goes through but I kind of feel like need to capture moments like this. In the photograph presented below…

  5. Aftermath

    2016-03-30 13:00:00 UTC
    Aftermathˈɑːftəmaθ:  the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event.  When your dealing with aftermath photography, your are facing history, memory and trauma. War is the beginning or half the story and the aftermath is just a continuation of the event.  Occupied ‘74 is an aftermath project and I have…

  6. Behind Four Walls, Dementia - An Update on my Subject

    2016-02-18 16:23:00 UTC
    In 2014, I began a project with the title Behind Four Walls, Dementia where I visited the home of the old lady that goes by the name of Ksenia, for a total of 10 days. I was always astonished that she could not remember who I was every single time,…

  7. The Abandoned Hotels and the Forbiden Zone of Famagusta

    2016-02-02 22:51:00 UTC
    The hotels of Famagusta have been destroyed and remain abandoned since the events of the war. Prior to 1974 the hotels house tourists from all over the world as Famagusta was a well known part of Cyprus and a major tourist attraction. The area flourished both culturally and economically and…

  8. Introduction to Occupied 74 and the Turkish military watchout towers.

    2016-01-27 15:03:00 UTC
    As this is my first blog post for my new website I will begin with explaining the current project I am working on which is titled Occupied 74’. Now this is a rather personal project I have been working on since the summer 2015 where I travel and document the…

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