Occupied 74 Exhibition at the Menier Gallery London

The production of Occupied 74 is now completed. The work was exhibited at the Menier gallery between the first and fourth of June. The outcome of this project was always aimed at the gallery space and having completed this long term project it has been a privilege to exhibit the final piece of work at the Menier gallery. There were a lot of positive comments by the guest who came on the opening day to view the work, mostly discussing the experience of my journey throughout the production of this project, political views along with the presentation, structure and aesthetics of the work. Transforming my work from screen to wall had been a difficult process. Due to the complex design and the way the work is presented everything would have to be placed with precise  measurements. Finally, my aim now is to try and find gallery spaces in Cyprus and exhibit my work. This is another challenge which will eventually provide me with more experience and knowledge regarding the outcomes for future projects.

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