Introduction to Occupied 74 and the Turkish military watchout towers.

As this is my first blog post for my new website I will begin with explaining the current project I am working on which is titled Occupied 74’. Now this is a rather personal project I have been working on since the summer 2015 where I travel and document the occupied part of Cyprus. For those who may not know, 34% of Cyprus has been illegally occupied since 1974 by Turkey. Since then they have formed the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and Turkey is the only country to recognize it.

Long story short, I have already visited the half occupied capital and city of Nicosia, Keryneia and more recently Famagusta or otherwise known as Ammohostos. The image above was taken on the 3rd of January 2016 as I was passing through Achna (again half occupied) to go to the border and enter Famagusta. While driving through Achna you notice that on the left side of the road everything is under Turkish occupation and on the right side everything is Greek-Cypriot free land. Passing though, I had witnessed multiple Turkish military look out posts, eight counted precisely. They are either old destroyed buildings that have been inhabited by military troops or self built that house two soldiers. While photographing these lookout posts, I can see that the Turkish soldiers are looking back and every time I get closer to the next post I fear that they have been notified and are expecting me, however this did not stop me photographing them. At the end of the day I am on free land.

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