The Abandoned Hotels and the Forbiden Zone of Famagusta

The hotels of Famagusta have been destroyed and remain abandoned since the events of the war. Prior to 1974 the hotels house tourists from all over the world as Famagusta was a well known part of Cyprus and a major tourist attraction. The area flourished both culturally and economically and it was once best known for its touristic centres. Sadly the hotels of Famagusta are widely known as to remained abandoned in the area that is now named ‘Ghost Town’.

By visiting the beach where the hotels lie on, I hear nothing but the waves and my camera shutter. There is nothing but emptiness in this place. I began photographing the exterior of the hotels. Detailed, close up’s and landscape shots and at the same time imagining what each hotel would look like if they were still active today. On the front of the hotels, you notice the destroyed balcony’s and windows, falling parts. You notice the signs reminding you that this is a forbidden zone.

Further along the beach, I tried to photograph the rest forbidden zone which revealed more of the empty city. A Turkish security guard would not stop looking at me waiting for me to take a picture of it in order for me to get in trouble but I managed to take a shot further back as he was distracted by another tourist. I understand his position but why wouldn’t I be allowed to photograph a zone which no one uses, a part of my country which is not inhabited by Cypriots or Turks?

While leaving the area, a group of tourists had arrived at the scene as many Northern Cyprus tourism companies make money by exploiting these areas. I would be amazed if they actually mention anything about the atrocities that took place there in 1974.

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