The subject within the landscape

I am always comfortable with my photography, but never comfortable with getting close to my subject. I have seen this through out my university work and I still see it today. The method of not being seen by my subject works an advantage towards my work and I have established this method of shooting through out most of my work. I only identify things when I read my images and I often question myself, what if I was closer or would I ever talk to my subject before of after I photographer them, but I guess my fear works best when it comes to producing work.

The image attached here is a perfect example of the style I shoot. I would believe the image would be totally different if I had been closer or if the individuals noticed I was there, but I preferred not to disturb the scene and just photograph it the way that for me would be the best and most comfortable way of documenting the subject within a landscape. Images like this along with the style of photography I approach, generate more ideas into projects and I am glad I have identified my style and I would integrate that into future work.

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